Mentor auf der Embedded World 2020

Linux-Distributionen für Embedded-Systeme

Mentor bietet zwei Linux-Distributionen auf Basis von Yocto Linux und Debian. "Wir kümmern uns um Board-Bringup, Integration sowie Sicherheitsupdates", erklärt Shafique Muhammad von Siemens Cloud Application Solutions. Mehr dazu im Video. Shafique Muhammad, Product Manager IoT/Cloud, erklärt: "More and more people today are using Linux to build better devices. These devices can be medical devices, industrial or white goods. But then it is open source. And some of the IoT stacks are also available as open source. But somebody has to take these components from open source, test them, validate them, make sure that they're ready for production. And when the device is out in production or out in the field, somebody has to make sure that these devices are secure. Because vulnerabilities show up afterwards and somebody has to create patches for the Linux or the high level stacks and then send from their updates to the devices."

"So Mentor providers two Linux distributions for custom device builders. One is Yocto Linux based and the other one is based on Debian. And we provide the full board bring up and initial integration with different stacks, including the irony stacks. And then ones that the device is in the field, we provide patches to the device builder so that they can push out security updates to their devices."

"Our offering for custom device builders can reduce time to market because Mentor takes care of all the board bring up and indication for various stacks for them. And then they also reduce their total cost of ownership for their solution because Mentor would do long term support and a security vulnerability monitoring for the base platform and provide patches to them. So that they can keep their devices secure and defend."